Shiba Estate Contract Address: 0x22e6546A985Cef2aE2B82801CBF363c1214C571f

Shiba Estate $SHE Billionaires Token

Get Shibarized and Own an Estate Now. 90% Of the Total 1 Billion Tokens/Assets Given Out To Holders
Contract Address: !! Dont send BNB to this address
Pre Sale Address Pre Sale Address ( You can send BNB to this address ):

Launching Time

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900x Future Token $SHE

$SHE is giving every participant a dream to own an Estate/Skyscraper/Buildings/Homes.
This is possible by buying and holding very tight your $SHE Token.
The Vision of SHIBA ESTATE is to provide an affordable and easy way for $SHE Holders to acquire a mini Estate through our Mobile App, to make this possible, the Shiba Estate team are buying 100 acres of lands in each continent with the highest $SHE Holders and the holders will have to buy mini-estate from the big community Estate Shiba will purchase at least 100 Acres of land. This vision kicks up by the 3rd quarter of 2022. So it will be repeated on other continents Gradually we shall cover the whole continents before starting with individual countries. SHIBA ESTATE Team is also bringing in more heavy investors and faithful holders of our $SHE Token.

4% Of Each Transactions Added to Liquidity
4% Of Each Transactions Rewarded to Holders
2% Of Each Transactions Redistributed to Marketing

Initial Phase
🐶 Website Launch
🐶 Twitter and Reddit Channels
🐶 Telegram 1000 member
🐶 Contest Started
🐶 Private Sale (75,000,000 $SHE)
🐶 Full Marketing Push and Community Shilling
🐶 Creating other Shiba Estate communities
🐶 Contest Started and Continues
🐶 White Paper
🐶Auditing our Token Contracts

Commercial Phase
🐶Huge marketing before the Presale & launch
🐶 Coinsniper ads
🐶 Marketing on China market
🐶giveaway contest for Shiller
🐶Ama before the launch
🐶Launching Into PancakeSwap (400,000,000 $SHE)
🐶1000 holders
🐶poocoin ads
🐶 apply for CMC
🐶 apply for coingeko

Q4 2021

Adoption Phase
🐶 Modifying Our website
🐶Develop Shiba Estate Mobile App
🐶new audit
🐶5000k holders

Q1 2022

Summit Phase
🐶 add more people to the team
🐶Start $SHE NFT
🐶 BscScan banner ads
🐶 Build NFT App
🐶 Listing on Top 5 Exchange
🐶First Estate Purchase in Any Country of Highest $SHE Holders
🐶Holding Submit in Such Country of Highest $SHE Holders

Q2 2022

🐶 Develop $SHE Wallet
🐶 Start Our New Estate Projects
🐶 Holding Submits in Different Countries of $SHE Holders
🐶 Other Projects will be revealed as they unveil

Q3 2022